Making icon animation

In my last post I show my potato pixel icon animated. In this post I’m going to show I created it!

Here are my animation files

Screen Shot 2016-11-28 at 08.44.15.png

I redid the icon on pixel and I saved it in differents files with small changes:

Screen Shot 2016-11-28 at 08.45.22.png

Screen Shot 2016-11-28 at 08.46.43.png

Screen Shot 2016-11-28 at 08.46.47.png

Screen Shot 2016-11-28 at 08.46.52.png

Screen Shot 2016-11-28 at 08.46.56.png

Screen Shot 2016-11-28 at 08.47.01.png

Then I used this site to create my animated gif:

Screen Shot 2016-11-28 at 08.51.06.png

I clicked “Greate GIF Animation” on right panel and I choose 300 milliseconds on the Animation Speed, Just because It looked the best to me.

Once it was created, A new list of options will show up at the right panel, where you can click “download” and it will give back to you a file like this:

Screen Shot 2016-11-28 at 08.44.28.jpg

And that’s all. Now it’s time to practice so next one doesn’t be a patato that big. >.<


New pixel animation Icon!

I’m pretty bad with Icons. I was so lazy I’ve been using a sketchy one from a mini comic I created for Tapastic Support Program.. which it’s been closed or one year now…

This was the icon! lol
From this mini comic

I’ve always wanted a pixel icon for social media >.< even I’m really bad too in pixel art… but I saw a few amazing artist in picarto working and I got some ideas to do it pretty simple… I know I created a potato but it’s my potato pixel icon! lol
Teksu icon.png

I ‘ve always wanted a animation icon too. I see them in deviantart everyday and I got jealous, ohhh I’m so jealous person… lol

So I created my own potato animaton icon!



“Crafting tools”

I’m crazy about digital art. It took me a while get used to my wacom, but once I did I haven’t almost touch a pencil ever. But for writting is another story. I love to write my ideas on paper. I used to take my note book with me everywhere when I still didn’t have to order the Anne’s chronology.

And these are my notebooks! A5 size so I can keep it in my handbag.

I show the edges, do not think they are that thin! lol
Once I write the ideas here I develop it deeply on computer. It helps me to clear all my ideas.


And My fountain Pen! I love writting with it, it’s so fast <3. It used to belong to my boyfriend. But he wasn’t using it so it was borrowed to me for an indeterminate time = (now it’s mine! >.<)
The refill inking system hates me… I spend a few minutes each time I have to do it… I’m so clumsy… but it’s my only complaint.


I think I already did talk about some of the same things, but I wanted to show my tools, tehehee

Smart Phones hates Teksu chan U_U

I just got a new phone + digital clock, better known as Mi band 2 for christmas! ^^

I’m very satisfied with the shopping since both was really cheap and it works so good. I had two bad experiences with expensives phones before … It wasn’t really its fault, but it hurted me so much they broke up so early after paying so much for them… and on top of it, they didn’t give me much more than what I have now from my new phone.

My first smart phone was a Samsung Galaxy II. It was with me for around 2-3 years. I had a big problem with it when I travel overseas to work, my phone only worked with cards of the company I bought it from. So I had to unlocked it myself, I reboot it and I installed a new room (an offical one). Then the phone start to crash often and it didn’t went so fluent as before, it was really tedious use it for anything.
I got a Sony Xperia Z1 when I go back Spain and I get a new job. I’ve been 2 years and an half with it just a few months more than the time I spend paying it… lol, I was in love with my Xperia and its camera. But I’m afraid I installed Pokemon Go and it f*ck up the battery sensor. I’m sure it was that game because every time I was playing suddenly the phone turn off, when I got tired of playing and I uninstalled it, I noticed my phone batery was dying… U_U
When it finally died I refused to get a new expensive phone >…< I order a Redmi 3s from Aliexpress which just opened spanish store.  I’m so happy with it, and I was able to pay from once! >….<
It works pretty well, I would say it as good as my old Sony when it bought it. And I bet it is going to last as much as my old super ultimate tech f******* phones… for 1/8 of its price. LOL


Redmi 3s with its case. And Mi Band 2! >….<

Also I’m very happy with the Mi Band 2. Now I have the obligation to go to walking like last saturday! Just to reach goals >.< lol I’m became a very healthy person this year :D
It’s  a same it doesnt work with bike, I use it everyday U_U


More mugs, I love mugs

The day I got my Annebelle and Vladimir Cup:

I order for my mom her customize mug.

She is very similar to Emilio (lol) She loves Red Wine, almost any red wine.. lol
And I know she also loves to have a lot of mugs as much as I love it. This month is her birthday too so it will be part of her presents. I already gave it to her, a bit soon because her brithday is next week but she already gave me my “Saint Day” present too, 2 months before… LOL

Saint day is a christian festivity we celebrate in Spain. Spanish name has origin in name of Saints, every day from calendary is a day of a Saint, so you just need to look on calendary to know which is your day. I know it probably is not as simple as that but it is what I know about it.. lol
when you are kid you almost celebrate it as your birthday… lol usually you got less expensive gifts but it’s a big day. After that, it just become a (for me) unconfortable day of year which every person you know congrats to you for non reason. xD

Actually my family is not really christian, but it’s a common spanish tradition so we included it to ours lives, we have the best of both worlds… lol
When I was a kid I also asked my parents to celebrate Saint Claus the 24th night and Magician Kings the 5th  night… but it didn’t work U_U
At least we now have halloween and black friday! We didn’t when I was a child.
We celebrated the 1 november the All Saints’ Day. The day a lot of people remember their pass away loved ones graves need to be cleaned… yep. The rest of year cementeries are empty.
And the best part of this celebration to me, Gachas! a typical dessert made by milk (water in old times) bread, olive oild, cinnamon, lemon, sour, sugar, anís.

(Cocinando entre olivos)
My favorites was the ones of my grandma. She’s now elderly to cook of all of us U_U

Well.. I don’t know how I end talking about gachas… and spanish feasts… lol

Panic to writting

I have the story written, but I need to adapt the chapters so usually I just have 3-4 chapters with the dialogs, so I can make modifications, when this 3-4 chapters are about be released and I need to adapt more of them, I find myself in a mini panic state, I try to think about how I write the chapters before but I don’t find answer to that… the only thing I can do for this state ends is go to work and to write without thinking about me, just putting my mind on Anne.  Usually works, and I re-write and re-write the chapters tills it get as I want. Sometimes a chapter is not as good as the rest, but it’s a great transition to guide the story to the point I want.
If re-write adn re-write doesn’t work because any good idea comes to my mind… it’s time to have a little rest and get out, watch a good movie, cooking… anything I enjoy and put my mind on relax.
Many times I just got inspired by the most little thing, I never know. But of course, the most important I learned it’s you need to be an active writer if you want your brain find all those ideas or those connections on the story, you can’t just wait the ideas comes to you. It’s like a 80% work 20% magic.. I mean inspiration. ^^U
Also it’s very important to dismiss content. I write all I can, every little thing and then when I organize it, I have to get rid of everything that doesn’t match. Or I collect it for a future story, who knows… hihihi