Saturday Ride!

I spend the saturday outsite home so today it’s time to work!  Great ideas to writting came to my mind walking by street. It helps a lot to leave my study room from time to time >…<

And this is my great day resume! I prefer pictures to words :D
In the morning, I prepared a nice “weekend breakfast”. The rest of week we eat very healthy.

img_20161119_104558 img_20161119_104930 img_20161119_105257

I was supposed go to work when I finish my meal but… lately the fall weather finally cames to my city, so we decided go outside to enjoy the sunshine <3 and go back for afternoon to work. That never happend we went to cinema after the lunch:
We went to downtown, where there is a food market (an agglomeration of mini restaurants which reminds me to sodosopa from southpark.. haha)  we met with an indian restaurant. The chicken butter rice was just ok… but the samosas… oh my.. it was the first time I try them >…<

It was just a “Tapa + caña” (dish + bear) but it wasn’t cheap so the dish was more abundant than how it usually is. And the samosas.
We just wanted “picotear” or eat a bit in a restaurant and a bit more in another and so.
I don’t really know what we was thinking when we decided literally cross the city (still in the downtown) walking to eat something more in a famous brewery.
We got there, so I have the picture.


But they ignored us… lol I’m sure I’ll write a chapter about that… to unleash my frustration.. LOL
Since we cross the city it was really late and we change the idea of haveing lunch for having the dessert. A big one… lol


And… my boyfriend had the great idea of keep walking more far away to the periphery cinemas. We watched “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them”  This was one of those movies I don’t hope I like… and WOW! it was a surprise, I even  enjoy it more than some movies of Harry Potter… some of the middle ones… don’t judge me!  xD

Movie finished to 19:20 or 7:20 pm. And… we went home walking. Yes!. I used for first time mi “Mi Band 2” <3 . I got it the monday but I didn’t walk so long till yesterday to really test it.

data historial

Last stop before get home was in a supermarket, shopping the dinner.

It wasn’t really as great was it look, it tasted a bit to plastic… but when you usually cook your own food, almost all you buy taste like that… lol
Anyways I dont regret of getting it. It was a fast dinner, and a weekend caprice.
Next week is going to be a very super long healthy week! haha nah, I’m already missing my vegetables >…< with a lot of cheese on them.. haha