Panic to writting

I have the story written, but I need to adapt the chapters so usually I just have 3-4 chapters with the dialogs, so I can make modifications, when this 3-4 chapters are about be released and I need to adapt more of them, I find myself in a mini panic state, I try to think about how I write the chapters before but I don’t find answer to that… the only thing I can do for this state ends is go to work and to write without thinking about me, just putting my mind on Anne.  Usually works, and I re-write and re-write the chapters tills it get as I want. Sometimes a chapter is not as good as the rest, but it’s a great transition to guide the story to the point I want.
If re-write adn re-write doesn’t work because any good idea comes to my mind… it’s time to have a little rest and get out, watch a good movie, cooking… anything I enjoy and put my mind on relax.
Many times I just got inspired by the most little thing, I never know. But of course, the most important I learned it’s you need to be an active writer if you want your brain find all those ideas or those connections on the story, you can’t just wait the ideas comes to you. It’s like a 80% work 20% magic.. I mean inspiration. ^^U
Also it’s very important to dismiss content. I write all I can, every little thing and then when I organize it, I have to get rid of everything that doesn’t match. Or I collect it for a future story, who knows… hihihi


Saturday Ride!

I spend the saturday outsite home so today it’s time to work!  Great ideas to writting came to my mind walking by street. It helps a lot to leave my study room from time to time >…<

And this is my great day resume! I prefer pictures to words :D
In the morning, I prepared a nice “weekend breakfast”. The rest of week we eat very healthy.

img_20161119_104558 img_20161119_104930 img_20161119_105257

I was supposed go to work when I finish my meal but… lately the fall weather finally cames to my city, so we decided go outside to enjoy the sunshine <3 and go back for afternoon to work. That never happend we went to cinema after the lunch:
We went to downtown, where there is a food market (an agglomeration of mini restaurants which reminds me to sodosopa from southpark.. haha)  we met with an indian restaurant. The chicken butter rice was just ok… but the samosas… oh my.. it was the first time I try them >…<

It was just a “Tapa + caña” (dish + bear) but it wasn’t cheap so the dish was more abundant than how it usually is. And the samosas.
We just wanted “picotear” or eat a bit in a restaurant and a bit more in another and so.
I don’t really know what we was thinking when we decided literally cross the city (still in the downtown) walking to eat something more in a famous brewery.
We got there, so I have the picture.


But they ignored us… lol I’m sure I’ll write a chapter about that… to unleash my frustration.. LOL
Since we cross the city it was really late and we change the idea of haveing lunch for having the dessert. A big one… lol


And… my boyfriend had the great idea of keep walking more far away to the periphery cinemas. We watched “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them”  This was one of those movies I don’t hope I like… and WOW! it was a surprise, I even  enjoy it more than some movies of Harry Potter… some of the middle ones… don’t judge me!  xD

Movie finished to 19:20 or 7:20 pm. And… we went home walking. Yes!. I used for first time mi “Mi Band 2” <3 . I got it the monday but I didn’t walk so long till yesterday to really test it.

data historial

Last stop before get home was in a supermarket, shopping the dinner.

It wasn’t really as great was it look, it tasted a bit to plastic… but when you usually cook your own food, almost all you buy taste like that… lol
Anyways I dont regret of getting it. It was a fast dinner, and a weekend caprice.
Next week is going to be a very super long healthy week! haha nah, I’m already missing my vegetables >…< with a lot of cheese on them.. haha

Latte Coffee >.<

I watch a lot of cooking youtube channel while I’m working. Last one I’ve discovered is Honeysuckle. And this afternoon I tried one of her recipes >.<

Oh my…. I have a french coffee machine so sometimes I miss a lot a good latte and I didn’t find a really good recipe yet till I watched this one.


Well I didn’t decor it, I hadn’t cream or sweets at home so….U.U (we are very healthy lately :O)  but it was delicious!

I put on the milk, cookies, chocolate, vanilla esence and cinnamon all powdered and boiled. I mixed with coffee and then I add the sugar, only the quantity to taste.

I know I shouln’t drink it very often but I have to take advantage of it’s weekend!

yesss >…<

Anne Cup!

I  created some month ago my Redbubble store and some weeks ago I started to add some pieces. I order a cup with the halloween wallpaper illustration of october for testing and this is the result!


I liked so much the quality of the cup, I wasn’t sure if I’ll be good material. I’m very glad I choosed redbubble :)

The cup is standar style, 325ml capacity. I put an eye on the Travel Cup style for the next one. But I’ll wait a bit, I have a lot cups right now for only two of us.


It’s Friday! :D

And It’s Sunny! yay!

It’s not like i’m going anywhere outside today actually, but it’s less cold lol

This morning I went on live in picarto. I thought it would be a nice idea make a Remake of first chapters of Anne, so that is what I’m going to do during the streamings every week.

Screen Shot 2016-11-11 at 14.41.53.png

The result it’s now available in my patreon wall. I want to upload the speedpainting when I got a few free time to youtube too all the patreons who missed it.

And talking about my trivial things =3
Yesterday night i got a new bag, mine it’s horrendously old. Its cloth has the paint off and I had to sew the strap some weeks ago. Yep… I’m very attached to that bag and all my confortables clothes and tools >.< It’s hard to me just rid of them even if they are dying lol
But this new bag was handmade by my mom! so it helps a lot to replace it lol. She started last week a workshop o TshirYarn, and She’s doing a lot of cool stuff. Pillows,  Baskets, and my bag. I just asked her a new basket for the cats :D I’ll show you when she’s done with it.

Here it’s my bag, I asked for a pocket inside :D















Screen Shot 2016-11-11 at 15.05.15.pngAnd these are some of the other things she did, I want something like the pink backet but shorter and larger. I’m sure some of my cats will enjoy it, or I hope, they are too exquisites some times… lol
Screen Shot 2016-11-11 at 15.05.09.png





See you tomorrow!


What I’m watching.

Wednesday it’s cheaper go to cinema that is closer to my house, so that’s the day I usually go with some friends. Yesterday we saw Doctor Strange!
It started to raining on our way to cinema… I thought the room would be empty but it wasn’t, it was full. I enjoyed it very much, it’s not one of my favorites of super heroes but it has one of best end resolution for my taste. It help a lot I like so much Benedict Cumberbatch, I mean the way he works, I’m not a fangirl of any actor, I left those days behind… lol

It’s been a lot since I was in cinema, I got netflix and I also was very disappointment with my latest visits so I only go when I read on internet it can be really good. One of my favorite movies it’s Interstelar, and sadly I missed, I’ve loved watched on cinema, even crying in front of people lol.

I was a huge manga fan reader and anime too but I stopped whatching and reading a lot since I started working on Anne. I don’t have so many time, and usually when I start watching something I’m easily addited and I can’t just watch 1 chapter per day, so I feel very guilty “wasting” so many time.
So.. I divided the series in Two lists:
#1 what a watch alone & #2 what I watch with my boyfriend.

#1 series doubled to my language so I can work on Anne while I’m listening and keep a eye from while. Usually it’s content funny or romantic but too dorky? (not sure if it’s the right word) or cheesy, mainly series I know my boyfriend wouldn’t like it, sometimes I’m wrong about them, Oups!

Some of them I remember now are: The Mindy Project, Haters back off (I was wrong with this one), Unbreakable (kimmy schmidt), Gracie and Frankie, Modern Family, Jane the virgin, Isabel (Spanish), Chewing Gum, Switched at Birth (I’m not sure why I keep watching this one… lol I dont like too much but it entertains me.) Lovesick, Easy, Faked, etc.

#2 More interesting series, because usually are the ones I wouldn’t never find by myself because the sypnosis doesn’t say anything to me and then wow! they become some of my favorites series. Also they are the ones which inspires me to writting very much.

Watching right now (or waiting for next season):
Game of thrones! Of course. (they are filming right now in a village near of my city, I’ve some friends who has a friend who will be playing as extras next season >….< ) WestWorld, We just discovered. Really interesting, very misterious and suspense. (By Jonathan Nolan, J.J abrams as producer and Anthony Hopkins in cast big names are lately appearing on series! yep yep yep) Orphan Black (we took a look to it without any expectation and it surprised us very much but from 2 season it’s not so good, in season 4 looks like it’s getting better again, I’m waiting for 5, its the last one! )
And waiting for new season: Sense8, The get down, Stranger Things, One-Punch Man, Attack on Titan,  Black mirror (we just finished the new season), Rick & Morty (this one went from list #1 to #2 haha) Bojack horseman.

And I’m pretty sure I’m forgetting to mention one or more very good but I can remember. U.U

Now I’m going to back to work >.<


First Entry! [ Convergence ] Novel

So this is the first day of the rest of blog ^^

I want to take advantage to talk here too (You already have see it next to the credits of Anne…
The exciting project of Marty, (or as you know him) Zen. A dear member of my translation team. (Click here)


A science fiction/science fantasy/romance novel about nanotechnology, superluminal communication, quantum computing, art, alternate universes/dimensions, art depicting alternate dimensions, and trans-dimensional beings who refer to themselves as Tuatha Dé Danann, at least when dealing with humans. Cover Character Art courtesy of Hale, author and illustrator of the webcomic Sundaze
If you want to support my habit and add illustrations to make it a “light novel”, feel free to check out my Patreon page.


He’s working on the 2nd book of Convergence right now, and I’m pretty sure it will be very soon on amazon store!

I already finished reading the second book, (advantages of being privileged mehehe) lol
So that’s what I was doing yesterday, finishing it. I’m a very slow reader and I think this the first book in english I finish complete. So I’m very proud of myself!

After I accomplished my goal, in the afternoon I went shopping! it’s been centuries since I bought new clothes, I love winter clothes, I must have been born in the wrong place or maybe it’s because Andalucia it’s too warn the most part of the year I enjoy the oppossite lol But my point here is one never knows where inspiration will be found! jah! >…< lol

Arghh! Btw! This evening I go to cinema to see Doctor Strange. I hear both kind of critics, I’m feeling optimist today! (I felt optimist yesterday too and I was able to fit on every pants I tried on! yay! lol)

I’ll be inking today before leaving. Oh! and I’m still waiting the results of the new Poll I started to see which day and hour streaming every week. All my patreons can vote now. So if you are reading this and you didn’t vote yet (if you are a patreon, of course) go here:

See you tomorrow!

Teksu Chan.