Making icon animation

In my last post I show my potato pixel icon animated. In this post I’m going to show I created it!

Here are my animation files

Screen Shot 2016-11-28 at 08.44.15.png

I redid the icon on pixel and I saved it in differents files with small changes:

Screen Shot 2016-11-28 at 08.45.22.png

Screen Shot 2016-11-28 at 08.46.43.png

Screen Shot 2016-11-28 at 08.46.47.png

Screen Shot 2016-11-28 at 08.46.52.png

Screen Shot 2016-11-28 at 08.46.56.png

Screen Shot 2016-11-28 at 08.47.01.png

Then I used this site to create my animated gif:

Screen Shot 2016-11-28 at 08.51.06.png

I clicked “Greate GIF Animation” on right panel and I choose 300 milliseconds on the Animation Speed, Just because It looked the best to me.

Once it was created, A new list of options will show up at the right panel, where you can click “download” and it will give back to you a file like this:

Screen Shot 2016-11-28 at 08.44.28.jpg

And that’s all. Now it’s time to practice so next one doesn’t be a patato that big. >.<


New pixel animation Icon!

I’m pretty bad with Icons. I was so lazy I’ve been using a sketchy one from a mini comic I created for Tapastic Support Program.. which it’s been closed or one year now…

This was the icon! lol
From this mini comic

I’ve always wanted a pixel icon for social media >.< even I’m really bad too in pixel art… but I saw a few amazing artist in picarto working and I got some ideas to do it pretty simple… I know I created a potato but it’s my potato pixel icon! lol
Teksu icon.png

I ‘ve always wanted a animation icon too. I see them in deviantart everyday and I got jealous, ohhh I’m so jealous person… lol

So I created my own potato animaton icon!



Anne Cup!

I  created some month ago my Redbubble store and some weeks ago I started to add some pieces. I order a cup with the halloween wallpaper illustration of october for testing and this is the result!


I liked so much the quality of the cup, I wasn’t sure if I’ll be good material. I’m very glad I choosed redbubble :)

The cup is standar style, 325ml capacity. I put an eye on the Travel Cup style for the next one. But I’ll wait a bit, I have a lot cups right now for only two of us.


First Entry! [ Convergence ] Novel

So this is the first day of the rest of blog ^^

I want to take advantage to talk here too (You already have see it next to the credits of Anne…
The exciting project of Marty, (or as you know him) Zen. A dear member of my translation team. (Click here)


A science fiction/science fantasy/romance novel about nanotechnology, superluminal communication, quantum computing, art, alternate universes/dimensions, art depicting alternate dimensions, and trans-dimensional beings who refer to themselves as Tuatha Dé Danann, at least when dealing with humans. Cover Character Art courtesy of Hale, author and illustrator of the webcomic Sundaze
If you want to support my habit and add illustrations to make it a “light novel”, feel free to check out my Patreon page.


He’s working on the 2nd book of Convergence right now, and I’m pretty sure it will be very soon on amazon store!

I already finished reading the second book, (advantages of being privileged mehehe) lol
So that’s what I was doing yesterday, finishing it. I’m a very slow reader and I think this the first book in english I finish complete. So I’m very proud of myself!

After I accomplished my goal, in the afternoon I went shopping! it’s been centuries since I bought new clothes, I love winter clothes, I must have been born in the wrong place or maybe it’s because Andalucia it’s too warn the most part of the year I enjoy the oppossite lol But my point here is one never knows where inspiration will be found! jah! >…< lol

Arghh! Btw! This evening I go to cinema to see Doctor Strange. I hear both kind of critics, I’m feeling optimist today! (I felt optimist yesterday too and I was able to fit on every pants I tried on! yay! lol)

I’ll be inking today before leaving. Oh! and I’m still waiting the results of the new Poll I started to see which day and hour streaming every week. All my patreons can vote now. So if you are reading this and you didn’t vote yet (if you are a patreon, of course) go here:

See you tomorrow!

Teksu Chan.

#5 last Moved [Dear Diary]

The previous post was more like news than a Journal/Diary Entry… >.<

I’m really bad at writting diaries, when I was a kid I had a couple of them, and I always drop them because I thought it was boring but years later when I read them I laughted so much and I thought “why the hell I stop writing this hilarious stuff?” U_U

I still have the same feeling as I child, that my normal life is too booring… and when something interesting or unusual happens it is too personal or uncomfortable to talk or even write about it.. lol

So I think I’m really bad at words, and I put so many of my thoughts and weird situations I lived into my comic. Of course (like I already said), I used them as inspiration to create another new scenes, but it help me a lot to free those things I never talked about. Webtoon therapy…lol

I started to think about “Anne” story when I was working in a Burger. ( Yep :O ) I had this story on my but I never put it into paper because I never knew how to continue any of my past stories. That time was the same time I found out Line Webtoon (I also found out Tapastic, but there a different story). I remember on Sundays they released “Cheese on the trap” (I think they still do) It is one of my favortie webtoons and one of my biggest inspirations to create mine. I used to got the notification at 16:00, when lunch time was over, then we closed the burger for that evening and I had free day the monday. So I was too exciting about lol. And I spend the monday thinking and thinking about how much I’d love create a webtoon too.

So I decided start to write my ideas about this story, more seriously. I took some notebook from my house and when I saw i was really into it. I got a new one (LOL) this sounds stupid but it was the first time I full a notebook with a story xD. I had some dead hours at the burger so I used to take always this notebook with me and I wrote all the things it comes to my mind, everything, so I can later erase, add or edit those ideas.

Also! Why webtoon touch me that deeply? Since I was already a fanatic manga reader…But I didn’t tried to make a Manga…I’ll tell you tomorrow >…..<

Another theme for next days! Favorites old and not so old mangas hihihi

PD: Sorry about me english! U_U

#4 Moved – Short Chapter?!

Hey guys! Chapter 27 is up! ^^I already let it know to some of my patreons but I’d like write it ot the public too.I created a poll some weeks ago so my patreons could decided which kind of art style they prefer so I could developed Anne more or less frecuently.

The Inked + Light Effect and Complex Background options are winning, so I’m going to keep working at the best quality I can, but I’ll cut the chapter in short parts. (So I can update more than 2 per month)

Sadly, This month and the months with special chapters  the frecuent whould be the same as now I guess, but if I wouldn’t change it I couldn’t update 2 chapters per month + Specials, or the 3-4 per month.

#3 Moved [Go to work!! (╯°Д°)╯]

I’m working … ღ(✘ᗩ✘ღ)

I watch A LOT stuff while I’m working and this week has been the youtube channel “Cooking with dog”  I can’t really make the real recipe because I don’t have the half of the ingredients so its a kind of “East/Western dish”.    I used This as sustitute for the crab meat U_U

I knew Dragon Ball Characters had meals name but I didn’t know this one! I’ve cooked the popular Omurice before, the omelette always breaks  so I just put it over the rice and tuck the edges under. U_U

So you already know guys! if i’m delay its Marce-San’s fault. She talks to me about food and send me pictures of her coffees because she has a italian coffee maker ¬¬ .I’m a weak person! lol

Nah its not because the food, I’m very slow woking with inking U_U

 By the way! Interesting fact about latest Anne Chapters is: I’ve been using my city as background! so it’s so much fun take a walk now outside…well at least for me LOL

The Chapter of the “Party at the River” that river and the bridge exists. Also the last Chapter 26, that street is a downtown street o my city. I’ve decided keep it doing it since my city its pretty nice and I can go out and take pictures to draw them into a good background.

So you already know! if you want to discover which city is stay tuned to the chapters and look for the capital cities of Andalucia at google maps… LOL