Hot Spice Coffee

I followed the same recipe as previous post Latte Coffees and this time I tried it adding Spicy Dark Chocolate (just a portion per person), inspired by Mexican Mocha Latte of the video.

It was delicious, it’s great for cold and rainy days >.< (and it was one of those days when I make it teehee)


Latte Coffee >.<

I watch a lot of cooking youtube channel while I’m working. Last one I’ve discovered is Honeysuckle. And this afternoon I tried one of her recipes >.<

Oh my…. I have a french coffee machine so sometimes I miss a lot a good latte and I didn’t find a really good recipe yet till I watched this one.


Well I didn’t decor it, I hadn’t cream or sweets at home so….U.U (we are very healthy lately :O)  but it was delicious!

I put on the milk, cookies, chocolate, vanilla esence and cinnamon all powdered and boiled. I mixed with coffee and then I add the sugar, only the quantity to taste.

I know I shouln’t drink it very often but I have to take advantage of it’s weekend!

yesss >…<