More mugs, I love mugs

The day I got my Annebelle and Vladimir Cup:

I order for my mom her customize mug.

She is very similar to Emilio (lol) She loves Red Wine, almost any red wine.. lol
And I know she also loves to have a lot of mugs as much as I love it. This month is her birthday too so it will be part of her presents. I already gave it to her, a bit soon because her brithday is next week but she already gave me my “Saint Day” present too, 2 months before… LOL

Saint day is a christian festivity we celebrate in Spain. Spanish name has origin in name of Saints, every day from calendary is a day of a Saint, so you just need to look on calendary to know which is your day. I know it probably is not as simple as that but it is what I know about it.. lol
when you are kid you almost celebrate it as your birthday… lol usually you got less expensive gifts but it’s a big day. After that, it just become a (for me) unconfortable day of year which every person you know congrats to you for non reason. xD

Actually my family is not really christian, but it’s a common spanish tradition so we included it to ours lives, we have the best of both worlds… lol
When I was a kid I also asked my parents to celebrate Saint Claus the 24th night and Magician Kings the 5th  night… but it didn’t work U_U
At least we now have halloween and black friday! We didn’t when I was a child.
We celebrated the 1 november the All Saints’ Day. The day a lot of people remember their pass away loved ones graves need to be cleaned… yep. The rest of year cementeries are empty.
And the best part of this celebration to me, Gachas! a typical dessert made by milk (water in old times) bread, olive oild, cinnamon, lemon, sour, sugar, anís.

(Cocinando entre olivos)
My favorites was the ones of my grandma. She’s now elderly to cook of all of us U_U

Well.. I don’t know how I end talking about gachas… and spanish feasts… lol



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