Panic to writting

I have the story written, but I need to adapt the chapters so usually I just have 3-4 chapters with the dialogs, so I can make modifications, when this 3-4 chapters are about be released and I need to adapt more of them, I find myself in a mini panic state, I try to think about how I write the chapters before but I don’t find answer to that… the only thing I can do for this state ends is go to work and to write without thinking about me, just putting my mind on Anne.  Usually works, and I re-write and re-write the chapters tills it get as I want. Sometimes a chapter is not as good as the rest, but it’s a great transition to guide the story to the point I want.
If re-write adn re-write doesn’t work because any good idea comes to my mind… it’s time to have a little rest and get out, watch a good movie, cooking… anything I enjoy and put my mind on relax.
Many times I just got inspired by the most little thing, I never know. But of course, the most important I learned it’s you need to be an active writer if you want your brain find all those ideas or those connections on the story, you can’t just wait the ideas comes to you. It’s like a 80% work 20% magic.. I mean inspiration. ^^U
Also it’s very important to dismiss content. I write all I can, every little thing and then when I organize it, I have to get rid of everything that doesn’t match. Or I collect it for a future story, who knows… hihihi



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