What I’m watching.

Wednesday it’s cheaper go to cinema that is closer to my house, so that’s the day I usually go with some friends. Yesterday we saw Doctor Strange!
It started to raining on our way to cinema… I thought the room would be empty but it wasn’t, it was full. I enjoyed it very much, it’s not one of my favorites of super heroes but it has one of best end resolution for my taste. It help a lot I like so much Benedict Cumberbatch, I mean the way he works, I’m not a fangirl of any actor, I left those days behind… lol

It’s been a lot since I was in cinema, I got netflix and I also was very disappointment with my latest visits so I only go when I read on internet it can be really good. One of my favorite movies it’s Interstelar, and sadly I missed, I’ve loved watched on cinema, even crying in front of people lol.

I was a huge manga fan reader and anime too but I stopped whatching and reading a lot since I started working on Anne. I don’t have so many time, and usually when I start watching something I’m easily addited and I can’t just watch 1 chapter per day, so I feel very guilty “wasting” so many time.
So.. I divided the series in Two lists:
#1 what a watch alone & #2 what I watch with my boyfriend.

#1 series doubled to my language so I can work on Anne while I’m listening and keep a eye from while. Usually it’s content funny or romantic but too dorky? (not sure if it’s the right word) or cheesy, mainly series I know my boyfriend wouldn’t like it, sometimes I’m wrong about them, Oups!

Some of them I remember now are: The Mindy Project, Haters back off (I was wrong with this one), Unbreakable (kimmy schmidt), Gracie and Frankie, Modern Family, Jane the virgin, Isabel (Spanish), Chewing Gum, Switched at Birth (I’m not sure why I keep watching this one… lol I dont like too much but it entertains me.) Lovesick, Easy, Faked, etc.

#2 More interesting series, because usually are the ones I wouldn’t never find by myself because the sypnosis doesn’t say anything to me and then wow! they become some of my favorites series. Also they are the ones which inspires me to writting very much.

Watching right now (or waiting for next season):
Game of thrones! Of course. (they are filming right now in a village near of my city, I’ve some friends who has a friend who will be playing as extras next season >….< ) WestWorld, We just discovered. Really interesting, very misterious and suspense. (By Jonathan Nolan, J.J abrams as producer and Anthony Hopkins in cast big names are lately appearing on series! yep yep yep) Orphan Black (we took a look to it without any expectation and it surprised us very much but from 2 season it’s not so good, in season 4 looks like it’s getting better again, I’m waiting for 5, its the last one! )
And waiting for new season: Sense8, The get down, Stranger Things, One-Punch Man, Attack on Titan,  Black mirror (we just finished the new season), Rick & Morty (this one went from list #1 to #2 haha) Bojack horseman.

And I’m pretty sure I’m forgetting to mention one or more very good but I can remember. U.U

Now I’m going to back to work >.<




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