Hello World! I’m back!

Hi everyone!
I just decided some days ago transfer the Public blog from Patreon here, I felt writting on the patreon wall was too invasive and I finally stopped doing it.  For those who just came in here and doesn’t know what I’m talking about..
The Goal Reached in my Patreon was a Daily Journal about my processings and feelings writting Anne Webtoon. I started writting on my patreon wall… and that bring us to here.

This is my old blog, so there are many previous post in spanish, if you see something interesting you can ask me and I’ll try transcribe it as I can with my poor english as a new entry!

I’m going to start posting the few post I already have in patreon. I want all the content together, or it’ll be a mess (lol) I am already a mess so let’s try fix a little bit my nature as far as possible!

Here is my Patreon page.
See you!!




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