#5 last Moved [Dear Diary]

The previous post was more like news than a Journal/Diary Entry… >.<

I’m really bad at writting diaries, when I was a kid I had a couple of them, and I always drop them because I thought it was boring but years later when I read them I laughted so much and I thought “why the hell I stop writing this hilarious stuff?” U_U

I still have the same feeling as I child, that my normal life is too booring… and when something interesting or unusual happens it is too personal or uncomfortable to talk or even write about it.. lol

So I think I’m really bad at words, and I put so many of my thoughts and weird situations I lived into my comic. Of course (like I already said), I used them as inspiration to create another new scenes, but it help me a lot to free those things I never talked about. Webtoon therapy…lol

I started to think about “Anne” story when I was working in a Burger. ( Yep :O ) I had this story on my but I never put it into paper because I never knew how to continue any of my past stories. That time was the same time I found out Line Webtoon (I also found out Tapastic, but there a different story). I remember on Sundays they released “Cheese on the trap” (I think they still do) It is one of my favortie webtoons and one of my biggest inspirations to create mine. I used to got the notification at 16:00, when lunch time was over, then we closed the burger for that evening and I had free day the monday. So I was too exciting about lol. And I spend the monday thinking and thinking about how much I’d love create a webtoon too.

So I decided start to write my ideas about this story, more seriously. I took some notebook from my house and when I saw i was really into it. I got a new one (LOL) this sounds stupid but it was the first time I full a notebook with a story xD. I had some dead hours at the burger so I used to take always this notebook with me and I wrote all the things it comes to my mind, everything, so I can later erase, add or edit those ideas.

Also! Why webtoon touch me that deeply? Since I was already a fanatic manga reader…But I didn’t tried to make a Manga…I’ll tell you tomorrow >…..<

Another theme for next days! Favorites old and not so old mangas hihihi

PD: Sorry about me english! U_U



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