#3 Moved [Go to work!! (╯°Д°)╯]

I’m working … ღ(✘ᗩ✘ღ)

I watch A LOT stuff while I’m working and this week has been the youtube channel “Cooking with dog”  I can’t really make the real recipe because I don’t have the half of the ingredients so its a kind of “East/Western dish”.    I used This as sustitute for the crab meat U_U

I knew Dragon Ball Characters had meals name but I didn’t know this one! I’ve cooked the popular Omurice before, the omelette always breaks  so I just put it over the rice and tuck the edges under. U_U

So you already know guys! if i’m delay its Marce-San’s fault. She talks to me about food and send me pictures of her coffees because she has a italian coffee maker ¬¬ .I’m a weak person! lol

Nah its not because the food, I’m very slow woking with inking U_U

 By the way! Interesting fact about latest Anne Chapters is: I’ve been using my city as background! so it’s so much fun take a walk now outside…well at least for me LOL

The Chapter of the “Party at the River” that river and the bridge exists. Also the last Chapter 26, that street is a downtown street o my city. I’ve decided keep it doing it since my city its pretty nice and I can go out and take pictures to draw them into a good background.

So you already know! if you want to discover which city is stay tuned to the chapters and look for the capital cities of Andalucia at google maps… LOL



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