#1 Moved. [ 1srt day of the blog! ]

This time I waited a little bit to confirm it and… YAY! The 1st Goal was officially reached so along September. As I said before I’ll talk about the writting progressing of Anne and stuff.Feel free to correct my english if I make big mistakes  (in plural.. i know) –w–.

Actually I don’t know what to write about now… I had many ideas in my mind when I decided this goal.. lol So you can ask me all you want in the comments and I’ll be replying in the next entries. For today I think I’ll explain briefly how I wrote the story line of Anne. I read many comments asking “is it based on real life?” and “where the idea came from?”

Anne is the first serious story I write. I’ve always thought I was pretty bad writting but I enjoyed it a LOT so I kept creating stoties (Not always in paper, but in my mind). Anyways even I enjoyed it I became bored quickly when the story reach a point I didn’t know what to do anymore. I think the difference for Anne was I know the purpose for Anne and I knew the final of the story from the beginning.  When I started I didn’t know exactly how the main character was. They only was a couple of stereotypes. “The Shy girl and the Cool boy” or at least that’s what public should perceive.The School Period is very inspired, not based, on real life. And many elements of the story are also inspired by my surroundings. (This also is a huge personal motivation to continue the serie but I’ll talk about it in another post =3 )  So I had in my mind these two stereotypes and a troubled past. With this info almost all I wrote were nsfw encounters (*Sigh*… Teksu Chan… ¬¬ ).

I didn’t know exactly how the main characters were yet so I wanted to connect those scenes asking me:  What the characters wants, Why are they right now, and How did they come there?… This way the rest of cast started to appears slowly helping to form the universe of Anne.Thanks to create a Webtoon takes so long time. I was able to think about a lot of details of the story. The story is wrote in narrative, so I adapt the script when the chapter is coming. This way I can modify, add or erase things if it is necesary. Sometimes I need to rewrite a scene 4 or 5 times till it gets as it should. I can’t say “as I like” because I’m not in charge anymore… U_U When I get know well a character they do what they want. (I’ll talk about that too in another post xD)  Well, Thus Anne was born!

See you Tomorrow!!



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